The Top Physicists in History, and Ten Great Unsolved Problems in Physics.

Plasma physicists actively study the four highlighted problem below, and may help alleviate a fifth (climate change).


1. Albert Einstein
2. Isaac Newton
3. James Clerk Maxwell
4. Niels Bohr
5. Werner Heisenberg
6. Galileo Galilei
7. Richard Feynman
8. Paul Dirac
9. Erwin Schrodinger
10. Ernest Rutherford

(according to a poll of scientists conducted by Physics World magazine)

Other highlights of Physics World's millennium canvas: the most important physics discoveries are Einstein's relativity theories, Newton's mechanics, and quantum mechanics. Most physicists polled (70%) said that if they had to do it all over again, they would choose to study physics once more. Most do not believe that progress in constructing unified field theories spells the end of physics.

Ten great unsolved problems in physics:

1. quantum gravity
2. understanding the nucleus
3. fusion energy
4. climate change
5. turbulence
6. glassy materials
7. high-temperature superconductivity
8. solar magnetism
9. complexity
10. consciousness

December issue of Physics World, published by the Institute of Physics, the British professional organization of physicists celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

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